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At Lupton Law, our mission is to provide the most personal and compassionate immigration care possible, sensitive to the emotional toll that the immigration process often takes on individuals, their families, and the communities where they live. This belief guides us in our business model, our partnerships, and all of our long-term goals. We provide services in a wide variety of areas, including complex litigation matters in immigration court, detained cases across the United States, and working with families to help attain residency in the United States. We believe in building bridges within the communities that we serve, and regularly partner with churches, community centers, schools and other organizations to provide free informational sessions and consultations for anyone who needs it. At Lupton Law, we believe that information should be free and available to anyone who wants it, and so we never charge for consultations.


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Deportation & removal

Have you or a loved one been detained by ICE? Or have you received a “Notice to Appear” before an immigration judge for removal proceedings? We understand how confusing and frightening these moments …


Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) seeking to petition for a family member to obtain a visa or adjust status in the U.S.? Our team is dedicated to finding the best legal solution to your family-based…


Do you fear returning to your home country because you or your loved ones could be harmed? You may qualify under U.S. immigration law for protection from persecution, whether through a grant of asylum, withholding…


Are you hoping to make your relationship with the United States a permanent one? Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Resident—or “Green Card holder”—will allow you to live and work anywhere in the U.S., and eventually apply for…


Are you ready to take the final step on the pathway to citizenship? We would be thrilled to accompany you across the finish line! Our team will help you complete your application, gather appropriate supporting documents, and prepare for your…

Work Permits

Would you like to find out if you are eligible for work authorization in the United States? Applicants for certain immigration benefits, such as asylum, U-Visas, and Green Cards, may qualify for work permits while they wait for their petitions to be processed.


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Seth Lupton, Esq

Immigration Attorney

Gabriela Pedroza Sánchez

Senior Paralegal

Morgan Jaffe

Legal Assistant

Karah Witmer


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Senior Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant

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The initial consultation with Seth is free of charge.

We currently have staff members who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French, Russian and Farsi.

We will schedule meetings in the form that is most convenient for you, whether by telephone, video call, or in person at our West Chester or Philadelphia office locations.

We have a convenient online payment system if you would like to pay electronically. Otherwise, we accept cash and checks or money orders made out to “Lupton Law LLC.”

While most people must wait five years after getting their green card to apply for naturalized

U.S. citizenship, important exceptions are available. Call us to schedule a free consultation with

our attorney to learn what you will need to do in your specific case.

Under U.S. law, you are expected to apply for asylum either within one year of your last U.S. entry within a reasonable time after a status has expired, which generally translates to <6 months. Unfortunately, if you have missed this deadline, you must also prove that there was a good reason for your late application for asylum in order to go forward. Call us to schedule a free consultation with our attorney to see how we can help you make a strong asylum case, even if you have missed the deadline.

It can take between 10 and 38 months or longer to get a green card through marriage. However, every case is different – and it depends on whether you’re married to a U.S. citizen or green card holder. Call us to schedule a free consultation with our attorney to learn more about your options.

Yes, as long as you do not have criminal convictions that would make you ineligible for TPS, and as long as you have been present in the United States since the “designation date” for your home country. A TPS application will not affect any other status that you hold, and it will not affect your asylum application. TPS designation may offer you extra protection if your other applications are delayed or denied. TPS also offers a pathway to a temporary work permit. Call our office to schedule a free consultation with our attorney to learn whether you are eligible for TPS for your specific country of origin.

If you are placed in removal proceedings, you will be given a Notice To Appear with a hearing date to appear before an Immigration Judge. You MUST keep that appointment and

show up at Immigration Court at that day and time, or you may be removed by the Judge in your absence. What happens at your immigration court hearing will depend on the specific details of your case. You are allowed to be represented by an attorney at any immigration hearing. If you have an immigration hearing date coming up, call our office right away to schedule a FREE consultation with our attorney to learn whether you are eligible for any form of relief from removal.


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Current ICE Enforcement Priorities

From the day of his inauguration, President Joe Biden’s approach to U.S. immigration law has been dramatically different than President Trump’s. Most notably, Biden significantly

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